War Memorial

war memorialThe Berkhamsted War Memorial is outside the west door of St Peter's Church. It stands on the High Street as a lasting and thought-provoking reminder of the loss experienced during the two World Wars. On Remembrance Sunday it serves as a focus for the community to pause and reflect, to remember the fallen and to pray for peace. When you pass the memorial on your way to the shops, stop for a moment and read the names of the young men who are listed here, and remember their passing.

The memorial originally stood in the High Street close to Water Lane and bore the names of those who fell in World War I. After 1945 and another conflict, the names of the Second World War dead were added, and in the 1950s the monument was moved to a position by the West door of St Peter's church.

The monument bears the inscription TO OUR GLORIOUS DEAD and has eight panels bearing the names of 182 names from 1914-18 and four panels of 94 names from 1939-45.

There is another war memorial inside St Peter's Church, in the north aisle (the left-hand side of the nave). You are most welcome to come into the church to see it. The names are listed on our Memorials and Inscriptions page.

Names of the fallen

1914-18 1939-1945
J W Aldrich W F Annett
W H Allen N A Bunn
R N G Atkinson I H Barber
J Batchelor S Burns
A H Bailey R Bailey
A H Bald T L Brooks
G W Bavin A J Birtchnell
W Bayliss R C Boyd Smith
A T Beddall E Biggerstaff
P Beevis J F Cutler
C M Berlein N J B Carter
L H Berlein J L Collins
W G Birkett C J Cocks
T Blaber L T Cartwright
E L Blunt L B Curgenven
L S Bontor J Charles
A E Brewer G H H Coates
H C Brian K A Cousins
A G Brian L E Carpenter
H J D Brooks G C Cranfield
A Burgess J Dawking
A J Burgess R J Davis
J D Brayley A J Davey
P Burton W R Daley
G Capell A Dunford
E Carpenter P Edmunds
F Channing M Evans
T Charteris J C Eldridge
P Cheshire E Foskett
A J Chennells C D Frost
F Mc L Chubb H Farthing
G Chubb R G B Farthing
H J Clarke C J French
G E Cole G V Freemantle
D J Collins R Flint
A D Collis S Gilbert
W W Cooper H L Gordon
H H Culverhouse D F R Gomm
L J Curl A W Greenwood
C F St F Daly L Goss
H Davey L Geary
G Davis R R Hucklesbee
H Dean A H Hendin
W A Dean G E Hulcatt
J Dean D J R Harvey
J Delderfield W J R Harvey
W Dell R T Hunn
H G Dell A Holliday
A Dollimore P M Hill
G Draper V C P Jewers
C Dumpleton H L Johnson
J Duncombe A R R Knowles
E Dunton H W H Kerbey
A H Dwight J K N Kerbey
A Dyer P L Lubbock
A W Dyer L A Lines
J Dyer T Laidlaw
W Dyer A D Livingstone
J E Eddon J F B Nessum
A J Hlliott H  S Nacartney
R C Elliott G Noore
R H Fawcett H J Manley
A Final V J Monger
W J Fletcher R A A Niskimmin
H Flint T H  Newns
F S Foster J Olliffe
L H Fox P Olliffe
A C Garment G H O'Dell O J Plunkett
J A Garment J R Palmer
L Garment F G S Pocock
T Geary A W Potton
H J Gibbs A M O Pring
H G Gibson R P Quennell
W Gilbert R M Ranson
J G Goffey H R Sunderland
P G Goodege R W Smith
A L Goodege F E Rumsey Williams
T Goodege R Snowdon
F Grace P R Street
G Grace R Street
G Green R Saunders
F G Groves J Saunders
K Harker B J Silly
A Harrowell J L Silly
F Harrowell L D Stratford
G V Ferneley E R Tufnell
R B Hill R E Thompson
S L Hocken M Vaughan Jackson
J H Hopper F G Winfield
T H Horsman J F Wynn Griffith
J Hutcheson J N Watt
H Hutchins N F J Ward
A R Jones N Wetherell-Pepper
J F Jones D W Waterton
J Kempster
L Kempster
S Kingston
G Kingston
H Kirkman
H B Kirkman
F J Laughton
T Laughton
A G Lees
C Leggatt
C Leys
J Ludlow
J H McGregor
G Margrave
T Margrave
C T Mashford
S Mason
R Maynard
A B McBride
C R Mills
E Moore
J Morton
A Nash
P J Newman
S E Newton
W E Norris
W R Norris
H Norwood
J W B Pakenham
J S Partridge
B Perry
D Perry
T Keen
E S Pike
J E Pitkin
A Pocock
F D Preston
F K Preston
H Preston
G Prosser
R A Quartermass
F Rance
H Rance
B Rance
H W Reynolds
E Ringsell
C A Rodwell
S Rogers
F Saltmarsh
A L Saunders
J Scutchings
W Seaton
E C Short
W J Short
H A Shrimpton
L Sills
J Smith
S Smith
R H Sneath
A D Sprunt
E L Sprunt
G H Sprunt
P G Stokes-Rees
H J Stracy
E Stott
C Talbot
G Tarbox
L A Hardwick Terry
H W Thelwell
H Tomlin
W E Tomlin
J H Trask
E Waller
J E Ward
S Waterton
K M Watt
A Webb
W Weedon
C H R West
K R M  Wheater
C F Wilkins
L Wilkins
W Willing
E G Willmore
S J Winter
C Wood
G Wright
L F Young;

The names of the fallen are listed in this table. If you are searching for a name in particular, type the name in the search box at the top.

Names marked in red  have additional details – click each red name to read more about the serviceman.




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