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Your Berkhamsted Magazine

Your Berkhamsted is the magazine for the town and parish of Berkhamsted. Each issue offers interesting articles about Berkhamsted life and culture, including events, local businesses,  sports, recipes, reviews, interviews and much more.

YB is now published as an online-only, bi-monthly magazine, with six issues a year.




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Your Berkhamsted is on sale all over Berkhamsted, including Waterstones, newsagents, estate agents and the railway station - it's not just a church magazine. Every month our adverts reach hundreds of people around Dacorum.

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Cover of Dawn of the Day, December 1884 History of the Magazine

The Berkhamsted Parish magazine has been running for 150 years. When it launched in 1874 it was called The Dawn of the Day; it was later renamed The St Peter's Parochial Review and until 2010 it was known as the Berkhamsted Review.



photo of Jacqueline Hicks

Jacqueline Hicks

Editor of Your Berkhamsted Magazine