St Peter's Church, Great Berkhamsted

The Church of St Peter Great Berkhamsted

Interactive Guide

800 years of Christian witness

the church on the High Street St Peter's church is the oldest surviving building in Berkhamsted town centre and architecturally the most important. The original cruciform building dates from the early thirteenth century and like many churches, has been added to and re-ordered over the centuries. In this constantly evolving church many interesting and historically significant memorials and features which connect us with our forebears, enrich our present and inspire us for the future. This sacred space resonates with the legacy of 800 years of craftsmanship and Christian witness.

These stones that have echoed their praises are holy,
and dear is the ground where their feet have once trod;
yet here they confessed they were strangers and pilgrims,
and still they were seeking the city of God.

We warmly welcome visitors to our church and hope you will enjoying exploring its beautiful architecture with the help of this guide.