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The Church of St Peter Great Berkhamsted

800th Anniversary

800th logoIn 2022 we celebrated our 800th Anniversary! Over a whole year of celebration, we invited all of the Berkhamsted community to join with us in marking this historic occasion with 12 months of community events including a summer fête, concerts, hikes, ceilidhs, choral services, art workshops and photography exhibitions. On Advent Sunday, thousands visited our church to see it lit up by candles. It was a year to remember!


Video: 800 Years of St Peter's Berkhamsted

This short video captures the many special moments in our year of celebration at St Peter’s Bekhamsted.


800 years of history

St Peter’s Church has been at the heart of the Berkhamsted community in Hertfordshire since 1222. The church was built in 1222 just after Magna Carta was signed. We’ve been through the Berkhamsted Castle Siege, the Crusades, and two World Wars!

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Video: our 800th Patronal Festival

On 26 June 2022, we celebrated our 800th Anniversary at our patronal festival mass, when we welcomed Very Rev Mark Bonney, Dean of Ely and former Rector of Great Berkhamsted as our guest preacher. 


800th Anniversary photo gallery