Prayer requests

dorrien prayerAt St Peter’s, prayer is a vital part of our everyday life. As well as our intercessions for the Church, for world and nation, community and family, we pray for countless individuals living and departed. Some of those whose names are mentioned at the Eucharist will be known. Others will not be. They are there because we have been asked to pray for them.

Requests for prayers

Many people place requests for prayers on our Prayer Board in St Peter’s Church, but you can also send requests to us by email. If you would like someone or something prayed for, please use the online form below. The prayers will be offered at one of the daily Eucharists each week.

You don't need to give us your name but it will help us if you tell us who or what you like us to pray for, or a person's needs or problems.



Send a Prayer Request to the church

Please fill in your request in the box below and click the Send button at the bottom. We don't ask for your name but we do ask you to confirm the random security code. This is just to protect our system from automatic spam.

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