church with daffodilsEaster is the most important festival in the Christian calendar, when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. At Peter's we mark this special day with wonderful liturgy, worship and music. 

Easter comes at the end of a sad, reflective season of the Christian calendar; during Lent, our thoughts have been turned towards the failings of humanity, and in Holy Week we have journeyed with Christ through His suffering and death.

With Easter we experience the joy of the first Disciples as we meet the Resurrected Christ and remind ourselves of God's unfailing love for all people.

At Easter services we say together the Paschal Greeting: "Christ is risen!" and the response: "He is risen indeed - alleluia, alleluia, alleluia!" We hope you will share with us the joy of Christ's resurrection this Easter.

candleServices for Easter 2018

Worship at St Peter's is open to everyone. Even if you are not a regular churchgoer, we hope you will come to celebrate Easter with us at St Peter's - you will be most welcome.

The Journey towards Easter

In the days leading up to Easter our liturgy takes us all on a journey with Christ, through his capture, trial and death on the cross, right up to His resurrection from the dead:

  • Maundy Thursday
    we commemorate the the Last Supper of Jesus with his Twelve Apostles
  • Good Friday
    a day of sorrow and reflection as we recall Christ's death on the cross
  • Holy Saturday
    the Easter Liturgy begins after sundown as we hear about Christ's resurrection from the dead
  • Easter Sunday
    a day of great celebration to mark the resurrection of Jesus





Jesus lives! thy terrors now
can no longer, death, appall us;
Jesus lives! by this we know
thou, O grave, canst not enthrall us.
Hymn by Christian Friedrich Gellert (1715-1769)