Pastoral Care

hands holding coffeeAt St Peter's Berkhamsted we believe in showing our Christian calling to love our neighbour. We believe that no-one in our community should have to face a personal crisis alone.

The St Peter's Pastoral Care Network is a group of people who have been trained to recognise and respond to need as it occurs, mainly by visiting and providing a listening ear.

What we do

It is all too easy for an elderly person, who is no longer able to get to Church, to feel cut off from the St Peter’s community and think that they have been forgotten. The Pastoral Care team visit on a regular basis to help people to realise that they are indeed remembered and loved.

We also give attention to people who have recently been bereaved. After a death, the child or partner of the deceased can feel very isolated as they make their journey through bereavement. Specially trained members of the Pastoral Care team contact bereaved people a few weeks after the funeral to offer a visit or simply a chat. We also invite people to the All Soul’s Day Eucharist, which can be a great support and comfort.

Younger people also expeience feelings of loneliness and isolation and they may feel unable to talk to their peers. Pastoral Care volunteers can sometimes help by offering a listening ear - it can help just to unburden to someone who is not close and who is prepared to listen.

Our volunteer meetings

All that we do is strictly confidential. The group of volunteers meets monthly for mutual support and periodically arrange training sessions. Some of our members attend an annual conference on different aspects of bereavement.

Can you volunteer?

If you feel you would be able to bring listening skills to our group, please get in touch with one of the group members listed below.

Need a listening ear?

If you are in personally in need of help, please contact a member of the group listed below or one of the clergy. Whether you are facing a family crisis, problems at work, serious illness or a death of a loved one, we are here to help.

There is also a regular Grief and Loss Support Group lunch to support those who have been bereaved either recently, or a few years ago. The lunch group meets at 12:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month, usually at the White Horse, Bourne End.



For more information please contact: