We are fortunate to have two distinctive "church schools" closely associated with St Peter's. This association between church and school life asks some responsibility of the parish and congregation in contributing to the education of these young people, supporting staff and assisting in the daily running of school.

Both Victoria Infants and Thomas Coram are "Voluntary Aided" Schools. This means the school is owned by the church of England, a majority of the governors are appointed by St Peter's Church, the teachers are appointed and employed by the governing body, the cost of repairs and capital projects is raised by the governing body with 90% grant from the DfES, religious education and worship are distinctively Anglican (Church of England) and the governing body is the admissions authority.

In 2013 the schools in Berkhamsted were re-organised from a three-tier system to the more traditional two-tier system, with a secondary school starting at age 11. In 2017 Victoria Infants and Thomas Coram entered into a formal collaboration with an executive headteacher.

At St Peter's we celebrate our responsibility, but also the opportunity to participate fully in our church schools, to offer encouragement and remain true to our Christian values to seek the best for all people.

Victoria Infant School and Nursery (ages 3-7)

victoria schoolVictoria Infant School and Nursery is located very near St Peter's in the centre of Berkhamsted. The School owes its origins to the generosity and vision of Thomas Bourne (1656 - 1729), who lived in Berkhamsted and started 'The Bourne School' for 20 boys and 10 girls from the town.

The school has grown into a thriving and lively establishment. School Services take place in church throughout the year such as a monthly assembly, Mothering Sunday Service, Easter Service, Christmas Service and End of Term Services. Parents and carers are always encouraged to come and participate in the services.

Victoria School has a strong family atmosphere and while children are welcomed from all faiths and none, children are principally reminded of the life and teaching of Jesus and we take great joy that this is still encouraged by staff and parents while we also reflect an understanding of other faiths. The aim of the School is that "all children learn well and achieve their full potential through a varied and creative curriculum".

The affiliation of Victoria Infant School and Nursery to St. Peter's Church help define a unique character of the school.

The Thomas Coram
Church of England School (ages 7-11)

thomas coram schoolThe Thomas Coram Church of England School is a thriving and good Church of England School for approximately 380 pupils in the 7 to 11 age range. The Aim of our school is to ensure that our young people succeed and become confident young adults, equipped for life in the 21st century.

In a recent SIAS report the school was commended in its "approach to the nurture and education of children being rooted in its Christian values. This is enriched by the active part the church plays in the life of the school. As a result pupils grow into responsible and compassionate young people who show respect and a keen interest in the beliefs and opinions of others.

The Christian values of the school clearly shape pupils' positive attitudes to diversity in society and prompt them to take their responsibilities in the community very seriously."



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